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ACO Qmax

An advanced drainage system

The ACO Qmax line drainage system was developed to satisfy demands for economical high-capacity drainage systems for large catchment areas. ACO Qmax has passed independent load tests to class F 900 in accordance with EN 1433.

Qmax features

ACO Qmax was designed to handle high hydraulic capacities, enable minimum installation times, and be lightweight and yet rigid enough to withstand the rigours of typical construction site handling practice. Manufactured from tough, chemically resistant medium density polyethylene (MDPE), ACO Qmax is light, easy to handle and quick to install.

The ACO Qmax system is a patented design currently available in two sizes for effective and economical drainage of a range of catchment sizes: ACO Qmax 600 can carry flows of around 100 l/s even when laid level (depending on channel length etc.). The larger ACO Qmax 900 can carry flows of around 300 l/s when laid level and considerably more when laid with a gradient.

Qmax Connectors

Connecting to pipes is also made easy with the availability of a special side inlet unit, requiring only standard flexible pipecouplings to maintain a watertight solution as required by EN 1433.

Qmax flow regulator

The ACO Qmax system features the first genuine flow management and attenuation control as an integrated part of line drainage solutions. ACO Q-Brake has no loose or moving parts, is compact, and takes up no additional volume being situated within the channel. Its performance is completely laboratory certified.

Typical Applications

  • Airport surfaces
  • Distribution centres
  • Highways
  • Car parks