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ACO Monoblock

ACO Monoblock is a one-piece polymer concrete drainage system developed as a solution for a range of surface draining applications from load classes C 250 to F 900.

Safety, stability and high functionality thanks to monocast construction

The unique monocast construction guarantees extremely high levels of safety and stability in all transport surface drainage applications. The high inflow cross section and the V-profile ensure rapid surface drainage.

A simple modular principle with only six system elements quickly and easily provides solutions for a whole range of applications.

Easy installation and maintenance

ACO Monoblock is a winner thanks to the simple and minimal use of system components. Bracing elements are not required. The integrated safety rebate ensures that there are watertight seals between each unit as required by EN 1433 specifications.

The channel is simply cleaned by flushing. The 0.5 m element with the removable grating gives free access to the whole drainage trench.

Polymer concrete makes Monoblock
  • light
  • age-resistant
  • extremely rugged
  • rust-free
  • frost, de-icing salt and chemical resistant
Typical Applications
  • Line drainage on motorways
  • Line drainage in inner-city areas
  • Drainage across traffic lanes
  • Industrial surfaces
  • Airports
  • Container transhipment areas
  • Motor racing tracks