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ACO Residential Drainage
ACO Self Channel - high strength domestic and residential water drainage system

If rainwater is not properly diverted, it can cause structural damage inside and outside the residence. With the ACO Self system, ACO provides drainage channels for all types of terrain and the most varied requirements. One channel for any requirement with a range of grating designs to suit any design need, makes this range a perfect solution for the residential market.

Typical applications

  • Commercial developments
  • Residential developments
  • Private and public parking areas
  • Landscaping
  • Light industrial units
  • Pedestrian precincts
  • Schools
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Discreet slot drainage
  • Threshold drainage

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Euroline One channel with selection of different grates for a perfect solution

The Self Euroline - Advantages

Material: Polymer concrete
Light duty traffic applications
Smooth surface for high flow rate
High strength
Level invert channel
Sealable joint
V-shaped self-cleaning effect
Free channel cross-section
Self-locking grate

ACO plastic channel solution

MUFLE 4ALL Plastic channel with grating is the ENTRY LEVEL channel produced by MufleSystem, equipped with all the features necessary to obtain safe and efficient drainage.
The smooth and waterproof surface, the lightness, the special compact geometry and the guaranteed performances for the load classes A15 and B125, are the main features that make the MUFLE 4ALL Plastic channel with grating unique in its kind.

The gratings are fixed to the channel through a mechanical system with hooks, that do not require the use of bolts or nuts or special tools; an innovation that definitely simplifies the most traditional fixing systems.
The different models of MUFLE 4ALL Plastic channel with grating can all claim of being CE marked, answering in this way to all the requirements of the European reference standard EN1433.

Typical applications

  • Green areas
  • Pedestrian areas and cycle paths
  • Terraces